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Aurora was my doula for my little boy born on 12-22, and I absolutely love her! We were able to meet together a few times before the birth where she helped me through any concerns I had, and also let me borrow from her lending library. When it came to my birth, I feel like I couldn’t have done it without her. She was there from beginning to end. I ended up having to transfer from TBI to St Joes for a cesarean and she was so supportive and helped me through my fears. They even let her in the room with me!
After my birth she did my placenta encapsulating and made the cutest shadow box for us! She was there to help me absorb what happened and has kept in touch with me since.

I would definitely recommend her for anyone looking for a supportive, nurturing doula!
— Kandyse G.
With the birth of my first child I did “everything.” I had a midwife for an out of hospital birth. I took hypnobirthing classes. I hired a doula. Circumstances changed and I ended up with an emergency C-Section. I was heartbroken.

My doula, Aurora walked me through everything that happened and helped me to understand why a C-Section saved my sons life. She took extra time to be with me postpartum, she encouraged me to participate in encapsulating my sons placenta. I felt like I got my birth experience back! When I got pregnant again, I knew regardless of whether I was going to have a vbac or not I wanted Aurora there. In the end I chose to have a vbac and I am so grateful to have had her there to help me go through a very healing experience. When I had my third baby, it was a no brainer, Aurora was my doula for all three of my kids. I am eternally grateful for her support.
— Christine S.
Aurora was amazing. She worked with our family financially and provided caring, loving, educated, timely doula services. She was with me the minute I needed her to be both at the birth center and when I was transferred to the hospital. She was encouraging and a consistent presence of calm, especially when I was overwhelmed and feeling defeated. She offered me great resources in numerous different areas and I felt better prepared because of her. Absolutely wonderful experience with her. She got my encapsulated placenta back to me timely and gifted me with the most wonderful shadow box full of precious memories. Working with Aurora had definitely been one of the most positive experiences of my life. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity.
— Hannah B.
I found Aurora by asking in the local vegan group if anyone knew a vegan doula. I can’t believe how lucky my family was to find her. From day one she went above and beyond to be available and supportive and gave us all the information and confidence we needed to navigate through our pregnancy and birth. I ended up having to have a C section and since it was my first pregnancy and first time having a doula, I assumed there was no need for a doula if I wasn’t going to be laboring. Not so. Aurora was right there to make sure our birth plan was followed, take pictures and even fend off the in laws when they showed up too early. In the end, we have been fortunate to call her a friend and continue to keep up with her and her family. Aurora is an amazing person inside and out and I couldn’t imagine going through this process without her. I was pretty anxious about getting pregnant in the first place even though we wanted to start a family, the whole process seemed daunting and scary. Ending up needing a c section and hospital birth was my worst nightmare but it turned out to be an amazing and positive experience thanks to her. After having Aurora help us smoothly navigate through the whole thing, we are more than ready to expand the family when the time is right knowing she’ll be on our side. We had her take maternity pictures of us and loved them, she also encapsulated my placenta and made a beautiful art piece with it before doing so. Her attention to detail and thoughtful considerations about every aspect of our journey was more than we ever expected. She is truly a gem and anyone who brings her along on their journey is fortunate to know her. Words truly can’t express what she means to us.
— Emma J.
Aurora Christy attended the home birth of our daughter as our doula. Aurora’s warm, calm energy prevailed throughout our experience with her. Her pre- and post-partum visits helped set our minds at ease about many birthing and newborn care issues. She possesses a bounty of information to share with new parents such as ourselves. During the birth itself, Aurora’s peaceful, supportive presence was invaluable. She helped me focus and relax during labor and gave freely of her own strength to help sustain me until our daughter emerged safely into the world. Her presence was equally important for my husband who followed her lead in providing me with the support, encouragement, and comfort I needed. I would not hesitate to have Aurora Christy attend the births of our future children.
— Tonje M.