Why I don't let my kids play Pokemon Go

Now, before you put you put your head in your palm and say "Aurora, when did you become a fun sponge?" Hear me out, my reasons are valid.  

They waste all of my Pokeballs!

I work really hard walking around to different pokestops when I take my kids for a walk or to the park.  I have mastered my pokeball throw, so naturally I have an abundance of pokeballs.  I hand my phone to my daughter to play and suddenly the 68 pokeballs I had are gone for a Ratata with a CP of 10.  Seriously?  When I have lots of pokeballs I help her with her aim, and she is starting to get a lot better.


They can not be trusted with my phone.

My phone gets dropped a lot.  I go through cases and phones like no ones business.  And that's just my clumsy hands.  Unfortunately my daughter has inherited my lack of grace and ability to trip over carpet fuzz.  I am not just going to hand her my phone with out supervision.  And the baby, well, he will just suck on my speaker because he is teething, and that's what he does.

They miss all of the Pokestops.

Some how she can walk right by a pokestop and not spin the wheel.  I don't get it. 

They haven't mastered gym battles.

This is another area of mommy needed help, I have worked really hard on my gym prestige by using the right pokemon in battles.  It's a learning curve for my daughter.  She's getting better, but sometimes we just have fun sitting in the grass taking over gyms.

My daughter is team mystic.

And I am team valor....see the problem.

In all seriousness though...

While I don't let my daughter completely rule the Pokemon Go app on my phone, we have gotten out for more walks, we enjoy catching Pokemon together and we have faced the reality that the world is a lot nerdier than we thought.  It's okay to play with your kids, it's okay to play the game for your own enjoyment, and it's okay to not play at all if that is what you want.  You are allowed to like stuff, you are allowed to not like stuff.

Oh and Join Team Valor!