What to pack for the hospital

I see it all the time.  Parents bringing so much with them to the hospital or birth center it looks like they are moving in.  The non-laboring parent is running back and forth to the car getting everything they could possibly need.


They are rushing around when it is time to go to get everything together at the last minute.

Here is the thing, you don't need much.  The hospital will provide you with most of what you need.


Do it before 36 Weeks!

  • Pack your bag and place it in an easy to remember spot
  • Put a small bag in your car with a change of clothes, panty liners, a garbage bag and a towel in case your water breaks
  • You can put down the garbage bag and then the towel to protect your seat
  • Install your car seat and get it checked by a car seat safety technician

This checklist is great for an emergency bag for families planning a home birth and want to have a bag packed just in case of a transfer.