Midwifery School is INTENSE | What I have learned along the way

It is official, I have completed my first trimester of midwifery school. And I did it with all A's! Now that I am in my second trimester, I have learned a few lessons that I feel will help carry me through my schooling process. And yes, they are actually called trimesters.


CITATION, CITATION, CITATION! Teachers are not joking when they say to cite your claims. Sky is blue (citation). Homebirth is safe (citation). I feel as though my papers were 50% information, 50% where I got the information. It is a good practice, and I have learned to cite many journal articles without having to look at how or use a citation website.

I can not write in blogger brain and that's hard because I have been blogging/journaling for so long. It was a challenge to try and thing around it. But I managed to do it. Many papers started with "I don't know how to write in APA and this sucks."


Social media is a massive time suck and a major distraction. I thought I could just delete the app on my phone while I was in school and reinstall it when I was on break. That lasted all of 2 days because I could still log in through safari or on the computer. I am trying a new approach....I deleted my Facebook. Yep! It is gone. I have several other reasons why which I may go into later but mainly if I put as much energy into my school and family as I do into scrolling social media on my phone, I would feel so much more productive.


It is impossible to be in online birth groups or look at comments on news articles about homebirth or birth centers without cringing. There is always a flood of negative opinions about midwives that people have based on no experience or valid information whatsoever. Homebirth groups are not any better, I have seen people give advice that is downright dangerous #admin.

I have gotten to know so many cool new people. It has been a really great journey so far. I am looking forward to many more semesters to come!


I had to write so many papers my hand cramped, and I read so many studies I had to get creative.   

Cool swag. 

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