How to Side Car a Crib

After my daughter moved out of our bed we ditched our king-size bed and switched to a queen.  When our son was born we realized how much room we did not have in our bed.  We had to choose one of two solutions:

  1. Buy a new king sized bed
  2. Buy a crib or cosleeper

We decided to spend less money and go for the crib. 

I LOVE IT.  It has made me feel so much more secure than I ever felt with my daughter about my son not rolling off our bed.  We have a ton of space for full family snuggles.  It has been a life saver.

What you need

  • 1 crib with the side removed
  • 1 crib matress
  • 1 pool noodle, the bigger the better, especially if you have a pillow top
  • 2 thick strong bungee cords
  • To watch the video below

How to side car your baby's crib

what to do with the extra crib rail

What to do with the extra crib rail?

I have seen people use them for blankets, or to hang things off of.  I prefer to use mine as a drying rack.  It is great for things that don't belong in the dryer or cloth diapers.


For more info on safe practices with co-sleeping check out this blog.