Change is Coming

I'm changing my name.

mother to earth doula services

When I first began my journey as a doula six years ago, I came up with the name Inner Peace Doula.  I have since come up with several logos, none of which I have stuck with and something just never felt right about the name. Especially for the moms that I work with who do struggle during parts of their labors or who don't have the birth outcome they originally planned for.  I almost feel embarrassed at times saying my business name.

I'm changing the services I offer.

Since becoming a doula, I have grown to be more than just a doula.  I am a placenta encapsulation and belly binding specialist.  I am a birth assistant for a midwife.  I am currently working on my Childbirth Education Certification.  And I plan to keep growing beyond that.  It doesn't feel right to have the same name anymore.

I'm adding more content to my website.

Over the next few months I am hoping to put out new content more consistently.  Which is a challenge with my wife in school full time, raising a toddler, homeschooling a 7 year old, and being a full time birth professional.  I plan to do things like product and cloth diaper reviews.  Also interviewing local services that might be of help to the birthing community and other fun things. 

The new name....

So, as of today, I will no longer be Inner Peace Doula, and my business name has changed to Mother to Earth Childbirth Services.  A name I chose because regardless of how a child is born, they still come from Mother to Earth.

Coming in 2054

Mother to Mars Childbirth Services.

I hope this is a joke, let's take care of our planet okay?

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