6 Questions to Ask a Doula During an Interview

Whether you are hiring a doula for birth or postpartum it is important to find the right person for you.

Birth and postpartum are some of the most intimate and vulnerable times of our lives.  It is important to invite people into that space that we trust and feel safe with.  Hopefully these questions will help give you an idea of what kind of doula you want to hire.

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  1.  What is your philosophy of birth?  This is a great question, that will get you a lot of information about the doula you are interviewing.  A lot of the time it will tell you if she is pushy, or judgmental.
  2.  What was the hardest/most difficult birth you have supported and why?  What was the easiest?  We all have our story banks bursting at the seams and can't wait to tell you birth stories.  But this is also a great opportunity to see how a doula handles discussing a challenging birth with out turning it into a horror story and making toy feel terrified of having a baby. 
  3.  What was the one birth you attended that taught you the MOST?  What did you learn? Every birth I have ever been to has taught me something new.  Whether it's how to make a nurse one of my best friends in a birth room or some of the latest information on best care practices.
  4.  If I decide I want pain medication, how would you support me?  Doulas are not just for hippies who want to give birth in the woods, although we totally support that.  Some doulas prefer to only work in an out of hospital environment, some prefer only in hospital.  Many of us support the use of pain medication when our clients want it. 
  5.  Do you bring an emergency birth bag? RED FLAG, RED FLAG, RED FLAG!  A doula should never bring an emergency birth bag unless she is also a midwife.  I've heard a few stories of these doulas encouraging families to stay home to long are delay calling the midwife.  I haven't met one yet.  But if she answers yes, I would be concerned.
  6.  Questions about important core values you may have.  Some people feel very strongly about things like religion, vaccines, diet, etc.  Addressing these prior to hiring to make sure you don't find yourself in an awkward situation when you are a vegan and your doula shows up with Big Macs to your birth. 


Check with your provider.  If you are interviewing doulas, talk with your care provider about who you are interviewing.  Some doulas and midwives or doctors clash personality wise and some work really amazing together.  It's great to have a birth team that supports you all around.  Input from your provider could also help you break a tie if there are a couple that you really like but don't know who to choose.