Yes, I am going to Midwifery school. No, I am not moving to Utah.

On April 17, 2017 I spent the day encapsulating a placenta, and refreshing my email every four minutes.  After a certain point in the day I stopped refreshing. Around 5:30 pm I received an email.

Titled "Congratulations" I didn't even read it before getting excited, squealing and jumping up and down.   Not my most mature moment, but I don't care, I was ecstatic. 

Dear Aurora, 
Congratulations! Midwives College of Utah is pleased to announce that you have been accepted into the BSM program. Welcome to our dynamic and supportive student environment! The staff and faculty of MCU are pleased to have you with us as a student and look forward to sharing in your journey to becoming a midwife.

Are you moving to Utah?

No way!  Midwives College of Utah offers an at-distance learning program.  Everything is done online or with a preceptor.  I will need to go to Utah a few times during their awesome looking conferences to take exams. 

Why not Bastyr since it is so close?

I have a deep love for Bastyr.  The original program through Seattle Midwifery School was started by the Midwifery that helped me bring my oldest child earthside.  Seven years ago when I became a doula that is where I did my training on Bastyr's campus.  It is also where I originally wanted to go to midwifery school.  When the program merged with Bastyr I wasn't sure how I would ever afford it with out massive amounts of debt.  Ultimately I decided to stick with being a doula. 

When we moved to Olympia I dove right into the local doula circle.  Rachael Cook of New Day Midwifery advertised that she would be teaching a birth assistant class. That seemed like a great next step for me!   After talking with Rachael further (more like bombarding her with questions every chance I got) it sounded like MCU was the perfect fit for me. 

Will you still be a doula?

Of course!!!  That is the other great thing about MCU.  I can take on doula clients and not stress about being on campus several days out of the month.  However I will only be taking on 1-2 clients per month instead of 4 to be able to dedicate more time to my studies.  Exceptions will always be made for repeat clients because, how can I not?  I adore you all.

I will also continue to provide placenta encapsulation and belly binding services.

What is the BSM program?

Bachelors of Science in Midwifery.  It will take me around 4 years to complete.

I am very excited to be starting this journey, and I am eternally grateful for everyone who has supported me on this path.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to me, as I am happy to answer them,

If you are interested in hiring a doula please reach out to me.  As always consultations are free.