Visual Birth Plans - Birth Plans Nurses Will LOVE!

Visual Birth Plans - Birth Plans Nurses Will LOVE!

Articles pop up all the time on Facebook and other social media sites about birth and the latest studies.  Almost every time I scroll through the comments, there is at least one "I am a labor and delivery nurse, and any mom who comes in with a birth plan is guaranteed a c-section/epidural/episiotomy." As if the care providers will abuse the mother for daring to have goals for her birth.  Even if this is true, care providers like this would make up a very small portion of hospital staff. After 7 years of being a doula, I have never encountered one.

On the other hand, I have seen moms go in with several page birth plans, and the first nurse always reads it.  There is great response to it and respect for the mothers wishes.  Then the shift change happens or the nurse goes on break, and the new nurse doesn't take the time to read the birth plan.  Occasionally they will glance at it, see how long it is, and set it aside.

I have been working with clients on creating simpler, one page birth plans so a quick glance gets across the idea to the new staff member.  One day on a birth board I saw a visual birth plan that a mom drew.  I was amazed and inspired.  So I did some searching and I found these great little icons (the ones you see in the images on how to change color).  After lots of great response, I decided to make my own (the ones in the link below for download and in the top image).

I suggested using a visual birth plan to some of my clients and their hospital staff loved it.  Every single one read it.  They all commented on how great and clear it was, and they all honored the wishes of the family.  I was excited to finally find something that worked.  A nurse even stole one after a birth to show all the other nurses how awesome it was.

You can download a copy of all of my icons here.  Just add the icons you would like for your birth plan, and resize to what works for you. Or if you don't want to do it yourself, schedule an appointment with me, and I can do it for you!

Regardless of how you are choosing to have your baby, home/hospital/natural/medicated/c-section, visual birth plans are useful for every birth!