Hurry Up and Wait

We hear it all the time, on social media, in person, on moms boards..."I'm 37 weeks, baby can come at any time."  A week later, "I'm 38 weeks, I wish baby would just hurry up and get here." "I'm 39 weeks, I feel like I am going to be pregnant forever!"  Everyone around us is having their babies, and suddenly 39 weeks goes by, then 40 weeks, and for many of us we keep going and going and going like the energizer bunny.  We just want to see our babies! We just want that pain in our hip to stop when we walk, we just want a full night of comfortable sleep (you are going to have a newborn so don't hold onto that dream for too long).  These are normal feelings! 

From one to another, your baby will come.  Maybe at 37 weeks, maybe at 41 weeks.  Regardless, your baby will come. 

You only get to experience this pregnancy once. Your baby can't be put back in there, once they are out they are out.  Some moms are not so lucky.  Some moms only get to stay pregnant with their baby until 24 weeks, or 30, or 36.  Some moms wish they could put their babies back just a little longer so they would have a better chance at life.  Even just a few days can make a difference between whether or not a baby can survive outside its mother or breathe unassisted. 

That doesn't make your anticipation invalid; it doesn't make your discomforts invalid.  They are 100% your experience, thoughts and feelings.  But remember your baby will come.  In the meantime, go get a pedicure, or a massage.  Slow dance in the living room with your partner.  Sing songs or read books to your belly.  Have a nice dinner.  Make a bunch of cookies.  Touch all of your baby clothes or cloth diapers.  Before you know it, it's going to happen. Your body and baby will decide they're ready, and your going to meet that adorable squishy baby you have been growing and waiting for.