10 Reasons why Breastfeeding is Awesome!

breastfed baby

In honor or world breastfeeding week, I feel like it is only fitting to do a blog on breastfeeding.  So here are the 10 reasons I think breastfeeding is awesome.

1.       It reduces the risk of breast cancer. Ever hear “everything causes cancer” from random people on the internet?  I do, all the time.  But here is something that reduces cancer.  Even if you are only able to breastfeed for a little while, your risk of breast cancer goes down.  The longer you breastfeed, the more the risk goes down. 

2.       It’s a portable and easily accessible antibiotic and the new duct tape. Clogged tear duct?  Breastmilk.  Scratch at the park?  Breastmilk.  Ear infection?  Breastmilk.  Baby acne?  Breastmilk.   Diaper rash?  Breastmilk.  Cracked nipples?  Breastmilk.  You get my point right?

3.       It tastes better than formula.  Have you ever tasted formula?  I accidentally did once when I was mixing a bottle for my friend’s baby and it splashed everywhere.  It was insulting to my mouth.  Breastmilk is sweet. It kind of tastes like almond milk. 

4.       It is the perfect food for babies and toddlers.  Over time moms milk changes to adjust to her child’s needs.  It even changes consistency and nutrients if the child is sick!  Moms who tandem nurse can nurse their current nursling on just one side before the new baby comes.  After the baby comes, one side will have milk for the older child and the other will have colostrum.  She will get two different types of milk in each breast.  One perfect for her already nursling.  One perfect for the new baby.

5.       Breastfed babies are more snuggly.  Even if you don’t or can’t continue to breastfeed for very long.  The snuggles never end. 

6.       It’s already warm and doesn’t create any dishes.  Mixing a bottle of formula takes time to heat up, mix, wait for it to cool down because it is too hot, and then give it to your hungry and now crying baby.  You could just latch baby on and call it good. 

7.       If you are having an argument with your partner, you can shoot breastmilk at them to defuse the tension.  Need I say more?

8.       It’s a great excuse to get out of an uncomfortable conversation.  “Ohh, excuse me, I need to go, my baby is hungry and is nursing.”

zombie apocolypse breastfeeding

9.   It will be handy in the event of a zombie apocalypse.  Try running into an abandoned super market full of zombies for formula.  I am sure you will do everything in your power to feed your baby no matter what, but if you could prevent this unlikely scenario from happening by breastfeeding, why not?

10.   You can silence your baby or toddler by nursing them.  Throwing a tantrum?  Milk.  Crying over getting hurt?  Milk.  Upset because they lost their favorite toy under the oven for the 18 millionth time?  Milk.  Trying to hide from zombies?  Milk!