First steps to being a gestational surrogate | What to expect when you are expecting...someone else’s baby

Some basic requirements:

  • Financial stability, you should not be on any state or government assistance

  • You have given birth to at least one term baby and are raising that child. Also, consider if you are done having children or not. complications may arise where you lose fertility

  • No criminal background

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I'm here, I'm queer and I may be at your birth!

I was at my first interview since maternity leave and the person across the table from me asked what my husband did for work. I responded and said, “my wife is working towards her masters in teaching.” Their body language changed, they shook my hand and thanked me for my time. WTF just happened? I decided to let it go. It must have been a fluke, right?

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Is waterbirth safe?

I am very fortunate to live in a community where even hospitals are starting to become more open to the idea of waterbirth due to the evolving information becoming available. I think that studies like this one help to pave the way for more people to have options and for more providers to become comfortable with the idea of waterbirth.

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Yes, I am going to Midwifery school. No, I am not moving to Utah.

Will you still be a doula?

Of course!!!  That is the other great thing about MCU.  I can take on doula clients and not stress about being on campus several days out of the month.  However I will only be taking on 1-2 clients per month instead of 4 to be able to dedicate more time to my studies.  Exceptions will always be made for repeat clients because, how can I not?  I adore you all.

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Doula Scams? Creepy Phone Calls? Birth Fetishists? Oh My!

It starts out great.  You are super excited about an inquiry from a potential client.  And then this weird feeling hits your gut after you begin talking to them for a bit, and before you know it you get the heebeejeebees and trying to figure out how to back out of this conversation you seem to have been cornered in. 

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A Doula is NOT a Medical Professional

We can't make medical decisions for our clients.  That is between them and their care provider.  We can discuss how they feel about them and give information if they ask for it.  Ultimately it is up to our clients to make the right decision for them and their family and it is up to us to support them.

I trust my clients.  I trust that they know what is best for them and if they need to discuss their options with me they will.

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What are the best Prenatal Vitamins? (Plus a bonus recipe for Addrenal Fatigue Juice)

Congratulations you are pregnant.....or you are beginning the exciting journey of trying to get pregnant.  One of the first things anyone will tell you to do is start taking a prenatal vitamin.  Folic Acid is important!  With my first pregnancy I found myself standing in the vitamin aisle dazed, confused and nauseous about what prenatal I should buy.  Should I get the one with DHA?  What about the Omega one?  Should I get the cheapest one?  And then those bastards made me sick(er)!

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How Chiropractic Care Can Help During Pregnancy

Chiropractic spinal and pelvic adjustments can reduce or resolve pregnancy discomforts such as back pain, hip pain, sciatica, and heartburn. Chiropractic helps with optimal fetal positioning by helping the pelvis to be symmetrical. This in turn helps the uterus to be more symmetrical. Adjustments can help the baby to fit the brim better to engage in time to help stimulate cervical ripening. Adjustments also make the pelvis more flexible so that pelvic joints move more easily in labor

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