About Me

Photo by Aurora Christy

Photo by Aurora Christy

Key elements in my midwifery journey are two midwives. The first who cared for me during my pregnancy and birth with such love and care, I was yearning to dive into the birth world. The second who drove me into birth assisting, and encouraged me to enroll into midwifery school. I owe so much gratitude to them both.  My first steps to midwifery began by taking a doula training at the Simkin Center at Bastyr and becoming a DONA certified doula in 2010. Loving the work I was doing, I continue to doula families eight years and over 200 births later. I felt satisfied in my role as a doula until one birth where the midwife passed the baby through the birthing persons legs to me to put on the birthing persons chest, that night I began researching various midwifery programs.

I began my education as a student midwife at the Midwives College of Utah in Fall of 2015.

As an out and proud lesbian/queer identified birth professional moving to Olympia from Seattle in 2015 during my second pregnancy left me stunned by the lack of LGBTQ+ birth workers there are and feeling a lack community. As a future midwife I hope to be a resource and building block to others in my community.




The uterus is the most powerful muscle in the human body.
— Unknown